ID AntiPhishing

ID AntiPhishing 1.2

ID AntiPhishing is a top quality anti-scamapplication, preventing...

ID AntiPhishing is a top quality anti-scamapplication, preventing unauthorized popup windows from running and interferingwith your computer actions.

Alertsyou whenever you are about to view a scam site. Based on anupdated list of phishing sites and using an advanced detection algorithm,ID AntiPhishing detects insecure sites andprevents your from viewing them.

Enablesor disables the possibility of popup windows to appear on yourscreen. By simply changing this option, you can have all pop-upsremoved, or you can decide which ones to open.

Automaticallyremoves popup windows it has encountered before. It tracks all ofthe pop-ups it has blocked before, and memorizes them to make of thisinformation next time.

Filtersand scans in search for scam websites. Using various searchengines, ID AntiPhishing searches for anypotentially dangerous popup window that can harm your computer.

IDAntiPhishing can be operated by the use of a single button. Onclick is enough to decide whether you want protection usingphishing monitoring, or not.

Blockingpopup windows, ID AntiPhishing protects yourcomputer against some pop-ups hacker attacks, by preventing them fromdisplaying on your computer`s system.

Takeslittle space on your disk, runs fast and efficiently, and has a simple,easy to use graphic interface, making it comfortable for you to manageit.